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Company Profile

  To provide a comprehensive diving service of the highest possible standard to any customer requiring work done underwater.

PRINCIPALS:  Matt and Kathy Conmee.

BRIEF HISTORY: Started recreational scuba diving in 1969 and 1983 respectively, both working their way up to instructor level and having interests in Spear fishing and photography.  Kathy and Matt met through their diving interest in 1983 and were married in 1989.

Mat has a background in machinery maintenance, steel fabrication, shipping and port work. He joined the Northland Harbour Board in 1983 and their diving team in 1985. He worked in this team through the local body reform in 1989 and continued with the Northland Regional Council until 1992.   In that year he and Kathy decided to seek self-employment and started N.U.T.S. (Northland Underwater Technical Services) as a means to put their collective skills into a service to the Marine engineering community.

Kathy, after finishing her training in Wellington as a registered comprehensive nurse, worked at the Northland base Hospital in orthopaedics until 1985. She then became interested in occupational health, finishing a Diploma in that subject in 1991,all the while being employed by the Northland Area Health Board as an occupational health nurse based at a dedicated clinic. Kathy is also a registered construction diver and assists on the team whenever she gets a break from the duties of raising their two boys.

N.U.T.S. hires casual employees and contracts divers from New Zealand and offshore resources as is required for any given works.  This gives the opportunity to hire in whatever expertise is necessary for any proposed works. We are also a member of the Association of Diving Contractors of New Zealand which keeps us up to date with industry standards and procedures  and provides an opportunity to network within the industry.