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Northland Underwater Technical  Services

New Zealand

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Job Examples

Contaminated water dive preparation

Salvage of yacht in Tutukaka Harbour

Collision damage survey on freighter

Bridge Maintenance

Bridge repair

Anchor inspection

Cessna salvage

Cut pile ready to lift

Diver dismantling cutting guide assembly

Effluent outfall inspection

Intake screen installation

Outfall inspection

Reservoir inspection

Slipway maintenance

Slipway service

Wharf pile inspection

Installing  anodes at NZ Refining Company mooring dolphins.

Internal inspection of breasting dolphin. NZ Refining Company. 

Excavation in Progress.

 Removal of bow thruster from H.M.NZ.S TUI

Storm water drain inspection.

Salvage of collapsed mooring dolphin.

Steel cutting preparation, inland Dam

 Sheet piling inspection and survey.

 Raising fishing vessel

Weld repairs to sheet piling.

Maintenance, Marsden Power Station



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